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About Us

Why Are We Here...

I'll tell you why...You're here to get some help with your laundry of course! WashDay!, LLC exists to provide you and all of our exclusive members personalized service for your laundry. We do this by handling it with the care you deserve and with the quality you expect. We are so delighted to have your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sort my clothes, from my towels, and etc. before sending my laundry?

You do not have to pre-sort your clothes. Before washing, all laundry bag items will be sorted according to tops and bottoms, dark, whites, and lights. Towels, if included, will be washed separately from your other laundry items.

Is there anything you cannot wash?

We do not launder any item that you yourself would not put in your home washing machine. This includes hand-wash only, dry clean only, or any special handle items. We do not accommodate soiled fabrics. ex. urine, stool, or vomit) Thanks in advance for your understanding by NOT sending these items.

What happens after I get my WashBox!?

To begin enjoying your membership, you will create your CleanCloud profile through this site.

What happens if my clothing is lost or damaged?

From pickup to delivery, we take care to return every piece of laundry sent to us. Once at our facility, we have internal verification practices in place to ensure all of your laundry is accounted for. All clothing is sorted according to color and is additionally washed with dye or color catchers to avoid possibilities of color bleeding. Although it is unlikely that your laundry is damaged beyond its normal wear condition or lost, we will perform due diligence to understand liability in the event of an occurrence. Please refer to our Missing/Damaged Clothing Claims Process @ www.washdaynow.net/missing-damaged

What is WashDay!?

WashDay!, LLC is a mobile, on-demand wash and fold laundry service.

When do you pickup and deliver?

Pickup days are automatically determined by your geographical service area. All deliveries are made 24-hours after a scheduled pickup. This means you will get your cleaned laundry back the next day. You received detailed information about your route schedule in your WashBox!

Will you wash my clothing items with other member’s clothing items?

All customer orders are handled and washed SEPARATELY from any other household. Your clothes will only be washed with your clothes.